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Propylene Carbonate
Dimethyl Carbonate
Propylene Glycol
Propylene Oxide
About Evergreen

Advanced Technology,
Leading Capacity

International advanced production line, production process, analysis and testing process;
Products can be designed and produced according to different application fields of diluents and solvents according to customer requirements.

Strict Management,
First-Class Products

ISO9001 international quality system;
The product purity is high, the water content is low, the color is light, the product index reaches the international level;

Excellent Service,
Covering the Whole World

International service, multi-language service including Chinese, English, Russian, Spanish, Japanese, Korean and French;
Products are exported to Europe and the United States and other developed regions, market coverage around the world;

Coastal Ports,
Convenient Logistics

Evergreen is located in the important hinterland of the coastal ports in southern shandong and northern jiangsu, with convenient transportation and fast logistics. It is 30km away from lanshan port, 120km away from huangdao port and 100km away from Lianyungang.



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