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Linyi Evergreen Chemical Co., Ltd., founded in October 2013, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of ECHEMI group, covering an area of 85 Acres, with a registered capital of 30.5 million yuan, the main production and operation of propylene oxide and other products, propylene carbonate, propylene glycol, dimethyl carbonate and so on. Evergreen is located in Shandong Linyi Lingang economic development zone, 30 km from lanshan port, 50 km from rizhao port, 100 km from lianyungang port, 120 km from huangdao port. In 2018, Evergreen had passed the work review of enterprise safety production standardization, safety risk hierarchical management and control, and the construction of double prevention system of accident hidden danger investigation and treatment.

Evergreen is a professional production enterprise in fine chemical industry which includes research and development, production, sales and related technical services. At present, it has 19 chemical professionals, 3 bachelors and 11 junior college students majoring in chemical engineering; It has international advanced production line, production process, analysis and testing process; Products can be designed and produced according to different application fields of diluents and solvents according to customer requirements; The product purity is high, the water content is low, the color is light, and is passed ISO9001 international quality system; Products are exported to Europe, the United States and other developed regions, market coverage is around the world.

Since the establishment, the company always adhere to the customer demand as the guide, technology innovation as the core, with talent as a fundamental, operational excellence as the solid foundation, with good culture as the guarantee, around the high technology, high value-added fine chemical material field to implement integration, related diversification, technology (market), refinement, and low cost strategy, is committed to develop Evergreen into a first-class chemical enterprise with globalization operation.

Under the care and guidance of leaders at all levels in the city, Evergreen has developed rapidly and its economic benefits has been continuously improved. Evergreen has been rated continuously as an advanced enterprise.



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