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China's Domestic Propylene Oxide Market Tips - July 2


Last week, under the influence of the reduction of production in some factories, the market continued to rise. At the end of the week, the new Polyether market continued to weaken, and the factory was cautious about the purchase of epoxy propylene. However, on Saturday, Shandong sanyue PO plant stopped unexpectedly for one day, the market supply was shrinking again, and the delivery of propylene oxide plant was still acceptable. At present, due to the high price of propylene, some of the propylene oxide plant is still at the edge of the cost line, the willingness of the market is still in existence, and the offer continues to be raised. According to effective estimates, this week's epoxy propylene cost is expected to weaken, the factory's profit margin will be loose compared with last week, the downstream demand surface will remain weak and there will be no improvement, and the market price of propylene oxide will continue to rise, or enter the supply and demand game stalemate.

On July 1, the focus of discussion on the epoxy propylene market moved up and East China increased. The start-up load of Shandong epoxy propylene plant is not high, the inventory of factory delivery orders is not pressed, and the intention of the market is still stored. However, due to the new single shrinkage of the downstream Polyether market, the confidence of the industry is frustrated, so the downstream is cautious about the procurement of epoxy propylene. Under the multi-empty game of supply and demand, Longzhong Information expects that the epoxy propylene market will digest the daily increase today. although some factories have a good market intention, demand constraints and limited room for rise.

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Disclaimer: Echemi reserves the right of final explanation and revision for all the information.

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