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The Market of Dimethyl Carbonate Continues to Stalemate - July 22


Last week, the domestic market price of dimethyl carbonate was stagnant, and the downstream market was more cautious and wait-and-see. The demand for polycarbonate was large. Other downstream industries continued to be just needed, and the market was generally trading. Last week, the market price of raw material propylene was continuously lowered, and the cost of dimethyl carbonate was weak. In the short term, the market for dimethyl carbonate is mainly in a narrow range.

Anhui Tongling Jintai Carbon Dicarboxylate was offered in the afternoon, and it was offered at 5,100 yuan/ton last week. The company's dimethyl carbonate / propylene glycol 30,000 tons of equipment parking; 60,000 tons of equipment to drive shipments.

Shandong Depu Chemical Carbon Dimethyl Carbonate was offered in the afternoon, and the price was 5,400 yuan/ton last week. The company's dimethyl carbonate / propylene glycol 12,000 tons of equipment to drive, 36,000 tons / year device driving normal operation.

Anhui Zhongyanhong Sifang dimethyl carbonate price 5200 yuan / ton. The company's dimethyl carbonate single set of 50,000 tons / year device to drive, another set of 50,000 tons / year device parking has not yet opened plans.

Shaanxi Yulin Yunhua Green Energy Dimethyl Carbonate Announced in the afternoon, last week's offer of 5,500 yuan / ton, the delivery of pre-order orders; the company's 20,000 tons / year capacity plant parking, 35,000 tons / year capacity equipment to drive.

Shandong Shida Shenghua dimethyl carbonate price of 5800 yuan / ton, the actual single can be preferential. The company's new area of 75,000 tons / year device is driving normally. Jining 50,000 tons / year propylene glycol plant to drive.

Shandong Wells dimethyl carbonate price of 5,800 yuan / ton; the company's 20,000 tons / year capacity equipment parking, 35,000 tons / year capacity propylene glycol plant driving.

Evergreen's dimethyl carbonate

The domestic dimethyl carbonate market continues to be stalemate. The mainstream negotiation price is 5100-5300 yuan/ton (accepted factory) in Shandong market; 5300-5500 yuan/ton (consignment delivery) in East China market; 5550-5700 yuan/ton (consignment delivery to) in South China market. The price of raw material CMC was partially raised, the supply side support was slightly insufficient, and the downstream maintenance was just for purchase. The dimethyl carbonate industry was mainly wait and see.


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