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Domestic Propylene Glycol Market Temporarily Stabilized - August 6


On August 5, China's domestic propylene glycol was sideways and the atmosphere was average. The market price of raw material propylene was temporarily stable, and the support for propylene glycol cost was better. The domestic downstream terminal continued to purchase and the atmosphere was light.

Quotation and capacity of each factory on August 6:

Shaanxi Yulin Yunhua green energy propylene glycol offer RMB 7500/ton. The company's 20,000 tons / year capacity plant parking, 35,000 tons / year capacity to drive.

Shandong Depu Chemical Propylene Glycol is quoted at RMB 7,600/ton. The company's dimethyl carbonate / propylene glycol 12,000 tons / year device drive, 36,000 tons / year device driving normal operation.

Anhui Tongling Jintai propylene glycol is priced at RMB 7,450/ton (end customers), the company's dimethyl carbonate / propylene glycol 30,000 tons of equipment parking, 60,000 tons / year dimethyl carbonate / propylene glycol device to drive normal products.

Shandong Dongying Haike industrial grade propylene glycol price RMB 7600/ton. The 15,000 tons/year dimethyl carbonate unit and the 30,000 tons/year dimethyl carbonate unit are all in full operation.

Shandong Shidashenghua propylene glycol offer RMB 7700/ton, the real single can be negotiated. The company's new district 75,000 tons / year device is driving. Jining 50,000 tons / year propylene glycol plant to drive.

Shandong Wells chemical propylene glycol offer RMB 7800/ton, the actual order can be negotiated. The company's propylene glycol / dimethyl carbonate 30,000 tons / year capacity equipment to drive, propylene glycol / dimethyl carbonate 25,000 tons / year capacity equipment to drive.

Propylene Glycol (PG) from Evergreen

The domestic propylene glycol market is temporarily stable. The mainstream negotiation price is RMB 7200~7400/ton (accepted factory) in Shandong market; RMB 7300~7600/ton (consignment delivery) in East China market; RMB 7600~7800/ton (acceptance delivery) in South China market, the actual order still has room for adjustment. The price of raw material propylene oxide is stable, the cost support is better, the downstream basically continues to be purchased, the market is light, and the supply and demand and cost are concerned in the short term.

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