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Analysis of Domestic Herbicide Market Situation in China



Rise: oxaloquinone original drug, sodium dimethyltetrachloride sodium salt, trifluralin original drug, quinacridol original drug, chloroflupiric acid isooctyl ester original drug, clodinafop crude drug, mesotrione Medicine, nicosulfuron-based medicine, oxyfluorfen original drug, etc.

Flat: thiathiazide original drug, bentazone original drug, methotrexate parent drug, quenching net wettable powder, etc.
The remaining herbicide varieties have fallen

Last week

Falling: 2,4-D original drug, high-efficiency flupirtine original drug, bispyribyl ether original drug, etc.

Rise: glyphosate original drug, clodinafop original drug, etc.

The remaining herbicide varieties are stable

This month, the original drug of glyphosate was retreated at a high level, but it was raised at the end of the month. The prices of various manufacturers were around 25,000 yuan/ton. The original drug of glufosinate was still sluggish. The demand was low, the stock of manufacturers was high, and the market price dropped to 110,000 yuan/ Within tons, the supply of the enemy grass fast drug manufacturers is tight, and the market price is maintained at 40,000 yuan / ton.

The market for amide herbicides has entered the off-season, and the market remains low. The price of the prednisolone drug was reported to be 35,500 yuan/ton this month. In the later period, we should pay attention to the impact of the suspension of production in the main producing area on the market; the original drug of acetochlor is currently delivered at a price of 22,000 yuan/ton. The competition is fierce; the original drug of butachlor is reported to be 22,500 yuan/ton, the original drug of propisochlor is reported to be 21,000 yuan/ton, the original drug of metformin is reported to be 22,000 yuan/ton, and the original drug of mefenacetamide. At 72,000 yuan / ton; the non-medication season, the overall performance is stable.

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