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Morning Aanalysis of Epoxy Propane Raw Materials - September 3


Crude oil: On Monday (September 2nd), WTI was closed for the US Labor Day; Brent lost $0.59 per barrel to 58.66. China's SC crude oil futures main 1909 fell 2.0 to 433.3 yuan / barrel.

Propylene: On September 2, the price of propylene in Shandong increased by 50 yuan/ton, and the mainstream transaction price was 7600-7650 yuan/ton. As the price of propylene rose, the profit margin of polypropylene powder and octanol plants narrowed. However, this week, the operating rate of butanol has increased, and the market demand has increased, which is good for the propylene market. The overall market sentiment is acceptable, but the transaction is mostly biased towards the low end. The current refinery shipments are smoother and more willing to price. The profit margins of the downstream octanol and polypropylene powders have narrowed, and the downstream factories are mostly just needed. Between the current market mentality is different, it is expected that today's propylene market is stable, mainly does not rule out a small push.

Liquid chlorine: On September 2, the domestic caustic soda market was basically stable, and the market trading situation improved from the previous period. In terms of liquid chlorine, the purchasing prices of the main downstream enterprises in North China entered the downward channel, but for other regions, there was no market. Great impact. It is expected that today, the domestic caustic soda market will continue to maintain a stable trend, and liquid chlorine prices in North China may continue to decline.

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