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China's Deep Carbonate Natural Gas Resources Have Huge Potential


With the continuous innovation of deep oil and gas theory and technology in China, deep carbonate gas reservoirs with great resource potential have become the key areas for oil and gas exploration and development in the future. Accelerating research and development in this field is of great significance to improving China's oil and gas self-sufficiency.

From the 4th Chengdu Natural Gas Forum held on August 29th, in recent years, China has discovered and discovered a number of deep carbonate rocks such as Anyue, Puguang, Yuanba, Tazhong and Longgang. Oil and gas fields play a very important role in the sustained and rapid increase of domestic natural gas production.

According to Zhao Zhengyu, chairman of the China Petroleum Institute, China's carbonate rock exploration area is 600,000 square kilometers, and the resources are more than 25 trillion cubic meters; especially the internal rift and paleo-uplift of the three major cratonic basins of Tarim, Sichuan and Erdos Very developed, not only the conditions for accumulation are superior, but also the detection rate is less than 15%, and the resource potential is great.

Among them, the Sichuan Basin will be one of the “main battlefields” for the exploration and development of deep carbonate gas reservoirs. It is understood that according to the latest round of resource evaluation, the marine carbonate rock in the Sichuan Basin is about 10 trillion cubic meters of resources to be discovered, and the exploration potential is huge.

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