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Propylene Oxide Raw Material Market - August 27


Crude oil: WTI53.64 fell 0.53 US dollars / barrel on August 26; Brent 58.70 fell 0.64 US dollars / barrel. China's SC crude oil futures main 1909 fell 4.6 to 420.9 yuan / barrel.

Propylene: On August 26, the price of propylene in Shandong Province was stable, and the mainstream transaction price was 7550-7600 yuan/ton. The spot price of polypropylene is weak, and the market mentality is negative. The downstream factories purchase raw materials with cautious sentiment, and most of them rely on low-replenishment. The atmosphere of the market is generally low, and the high-end price is less. At present, the market supply is sufficient, and refineries are generally shipped. The cost pressure of downstream polypropylene powder increased, which affected the downstream factories' enthusiasm for purchasing raw material propylene. It is expected that the propylene market will have a small probability of a downward trend today.

Liquid chlorine: On August 26, the domestic caustic soda market continued to be stable. The prices of new single tablets in the northwest region were stable, and the trading atmosphere in the local market maintained the previous level. In terms of liquid chlorine, the market price in Shandong remained relatively high. Manufacturers still have the intention to raise, but manufacturers continue to pull up the difficulty, the market in other regions of China is relatively stable, it is expected that today, the domestic chlor-alkali market is basically stable.


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